Ever found a lost dog with no identification tag? Had to go all over the neighbourhood looking for an owner, or a trip to the vet to see if the dog has a microchip to then find the details are out of date…blah blah blah you get the idea… When something as simple as an ID tag with a current phone number can save time and distress.

Dogs get lost…and they don’t always find their way home safely…

The whole reason for having a collar or any identifying information on your pet is because you never know when or how they might get lost. Even inside dogs, especially if they’re staying with friends or in a pet hotel. Accidents happen, doors get left open…dogs escape.

Your contact info on your dog is the easiest way for someone to contact you.

Make sure to put your pet's name and your mobile number/s, also your post code and an email address if it fits, all helps someone get in touch with you as fast as possible.

Chips aren't always that helpful.

If the information isn’t up to date…

Check your dog's ID regularly.

Dog tags can wear or fade, so make sure to check their condition regularly. 

If you can’t find a tag you like or the jangling bothers you can get your contact info embroidered directly onto the collar itself or engrave the information onto the buckle of the collar.