Social Responsibility

D0gh0use is a passion project born out of a frustration at the sheer amount of junk on the market for dogs, and my deep seeded love for animals and nature. As a small business, I want to use this retail platform to cultivate a responsible community of dog lovers who care passionately about all animals and the planet.

 Every choice we make as fur parents impacts the wellbeing of animals, the environment and people.

We're looking at better ways of doing things from where we find our companion animals to how we treat their waste.


Since launching d0gh0use in November 2019 I’ve donated what we can, when we can to various animal welfare and rescue groups. I endeavour to give more regularly to selected charities doing incredible work rescuing animals and raising awareness around animal cruelty in society.

Byron Dog Rescue (CAWI)

- May 2019 - Adopted 2 beautiful doggies XX

Animals Australia Membership

- Jan 2020 - $35

Animal Rescue Collective (ARC)

- Jan 2020 - $39

- Feb 2020 - $39

- March 2020 - $39

Brightside Farm Sanctuary

- May 2020 - $50

Paws and Recover

- June 2020 - $70


There are millions of dogs waiting to be rescued worldwide.

Currently there are simply more dogs than responsible owners at any given time. 

We believe in sustainable and responsible pet ownership and apply the concept of 'using what we have' not only to the creation of food, fashion and objects but when also choosing a companion animal.

Given that a significant number of healthy, loving but unwanted dogs are euthanised in Australia each year, we believe that breeding more dogs merely to satisfy the desire for a particular breed is irresponsible and selfish.

We choose to adopt and encourage those of you who have the desire, time, and patience to take good care of a dog to rescue or adopt from a credible rehoming charity or shelter. If you feel a puppy is better suited to your situation please vet breeders and always visit them to see the mother and conditions in which they are kept. If they don't allow you to visit, don't buy from them.

Right dog, Right home, Right source.

Until we reach zero euthanasia of healthy pets in Australia, until every dog born has a loving home for life, and national breeding regulations are established, rolled out and enforced, we feel buying from a breeder is not an ethical, responsible choice.



Once chewed and destroyed, synthetic pet products mostly end up in landfill where they never decompose. We limit plastic and choose durable, non-toxic products made of recyclable materials or natural fibres which can decompose naturally at end of their life.


Because we shouldn't have to compromise on beauty and durability for sustainability.


To ensure we do our bit to prevent toxic chemicals from going down the drain, and onto do a number on the environment, we source dog toys and non-toxic shampoos and grooming products free of toxic dyes and parabens. Safe for your pet and the planet.

You may think leaving dog poop behind after Fido goes to the bathroom is completely natural but...its not. Dog poop is nitrogen rich meaning once it hits waterways its incredibly toxic, harming humans, fish and wildlife. Statistics show that up to 4% of landfill is poop. In plastic bags that won't break down, whereas non plastic, compostable bags are gone in approximately 3 months. Choose to dispose of your dog poop thoughtfully using newspaper when at home and when out in public using plastic free, compostable, biodegradable poop bags