Social Responsibility

D0gh0use is a passion project born out of a frustration at the sheer amount of junk on the market for dogs, and my deep seeded love for animals and nature. As a small business, I want to use this retail platform to cultivate a responsible community of dog lovers who care passionately about all animals and the planet.

 Every choice we make as fur parents impacts the wellbeing of animals, the environment and people.

We're looking at better ways of doing things from where we find our companion animals to how we treat their waste.


Since launching d0gh0use in November 2019 I’ve donated what we can, when we can to various animal welfare groups. I endeavour to give more regularly to selected charities doing incredible work saving animals and raising awareness around animal cruelty in society.

Byron Dog Rescue (CAWI)

- May 2019 - Adopted 2 beautiful doggies XX

Animals Australia Membership

- Jan 2020 - $35

Animal Rescue Collective (ARC)

- Jan 2020 - $39

- Feb 2020 - $39

- March 2020 - $39

Brightside Farm Sanctuary

- May 2020 - $50

Paws and Recover

- June 2020 - $70

Aussie Desert Dogs Program

- January 2021- $100