To keep your dog collar fresh simply rinse and lightly scrub with a nail brush and eco soap, then shade dry. 

Solid Brass is rust proof, which makes it super strong & much safer than plastic clips. Brass will tarnish (discolour) over time. If a polished look is preferred a treatment like Brasso could prevent tarnish.

Non-rust proof dog tags/rings will rust onto your collar. We recommend solid brass tags and rings.

For a sticky lead clasp from dirt, sand and dust dip in coconut oil regularly to free it up and keep things moving smoothly.


Light clean with a compostable water wipe. Deeper clean with warm softly soapy water.

If like us you frequent the beach, be sure to rinse your Yonder gear with fresh water and dry thoroughly to prevent rust.  

*Please note the black coating on the hardware will wear off with use.


Machine washable at 40º when muddy.



  • DRINKING WATER ONLY - Pure copper bowls lack a food safe sealant and without this protective top later, pure copper bowls can only be used as water bowls for your pets. This is because copper can react with acidic substances, like those found in dry or canned pet food. Chemical reactions between pure copper and acidic substances can be dangerous, making the pet food unsafe for animals. 
  • If your pet has been diagnosed with Copper Storage Disease, your pet should not drink from copper bowls or have water from copper pipes. 


Your Copper bowl can last a long time with the right care! Because copper can tarnish and develop verdigris (a bright bluish-green patina that is formed on copper overtime due to atmospheric oxidation) certain maintenance is necessary;

  • Only use cold, non-acidic water in your pet bowl. 
  • DAILY - Wipe the bowl with a clean cloth during your daily water refresh.
  • WEEKLY - Hand wash the bowl about once a week with hot water, a gentle soap and soft sponge. Do not use harsh detergents, rough sponges or scrub the bowl too hard as doing so may damage the bowl.
  • MONTHLY - Polish your copper bowl once a month or when you find that it has tarnished. To do this, create a mixture of 3-4 tablespoons of lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of baking soda. With the mixture, lightly rub the bowl and then remove with a clean cloth. If you do not have lemon juice, apple cider or white vinegar may be used. 

If the bowl tarnishes to the point of verdigris, it should be replaced.