Dog Walking & Pet Services

D0gh0use now offers a variety dog walking services and house visits so regardless of how busy life gets you can still provide your dog with the physical exercise they need to help them feel fulfilled and content on a daily basis.

Why d0gh0use?

Anyone can walk your dog around the block but a great dog walker can be invaluable in meeting your dogs physical and social needs when you’re not able. To me, dog walking is personal...and should be a tailored service which caters to the age, breed, health and behaviour of your dog. Dog care is paramount in all aspects of what I do, and how I do it. I treat every dog in my care as if it's my own. My dog walking & pet services aim to safely, constructively and positively exercise your dog so you too experience the benefits of a healthier and happier dog through;

  • 121 walks, as despite popular belief many dogs prefer solo walks to pack walks with random dogs.
  • Co-walks can be provided for multi dog households for an additional fee.
  • Personalised with consideration to your dogs age, breed, behaviour and physical abilities.
  • Pick up and drop off with limited transport time. No chaotic van rides with multiple dogs. Ideal for smaller to medium breeds.
  • Experienced and capable in handling all types of dogs.
  • Experienced in canine body language and managing behaviours such as reactivity.
  • Able to provide consistency in management of behaviour during walks depending on dogs current training plan.

Available in the following neighbourhoods:





Palm Beach

and more...




Personalised 121 Walk

From $45 – price depended on walk requirements.

30mins – 1hr depending on dogs needs and ability.

Working with the owner to establish a walking plan that accommodates your and the dogs needs. Eg. sniffing adventure walk, loose leash walking, reactivity management, recall practice, play, gentle exercise for seniors, medical condition…

Please note this is not a dog training session rather an opportunity for your dog to get out, exercise and engage in a safe and constructive way with an experienced handler.

Structured 121 Walk



For dogs with reliable basic obedience.
Dog must be confident, non-reactive and able to walk loose leash.
Perfect for obedience graduates to keep up training.

Additional $10 for additional dog from same household & for walks on public holidays. 

Puppy Socialisation Walks



Puppies 8-20 weeks

Controlled 121 environmental exposure sessions with a trained handler to assist you in raising a well socalised, confident pup.


Wether it’s a day or a weekend…leave your dog in the comfort of their own home without the worry about other dogs and conditions in a boarding kennels.
Daily visits are between 7am-9am and 4pm-7pm 

Dog Visits 1 visit per day


Day visit includes feed, water refill, play and 30 minute walk and general house check​​.

$15 per additional dog 

Dog Visits 2 per day


Morning and afternoon visits includes 30 minute morning walk, feed and water refill + afternoon play and general house check. 

Additional prices

$20: Evening walk

$10: Administrating Medications 

$20: Public Holiday Surcharge 


Book a FREE meet and greet! Make sure you and your pet feel comfortable with me, ask questions, run through details of care for your dog.