Long Dog Pet Carrier Bag Cream/Grey
Long Dog Pet Carrier Bag Cream/Grey

Long Dog Pet Carrier Bag Cream/Grey

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Dog carriers are so important for your dogs, providing a portable den for them to retreat and rest comfortably when out and about and on public transport. 

Why might your dog benefit from a carrier;

  • Dogs get tired, especially young and elderly dogs.
  • Young pups may not be ready for the ground pre shots.
  • Injury or illness.
  • Post surgery.
  • Emergencies and Vet visits.


This small dog tote style carrier bag gives full comfort and safety; the large mesh fabric assures great ventilation, and the hardshell bottom gives your dog firm support, especially important for long dogs prone to back issues such as Dachshunds, who should be horizontal on all fours with their body fully supported.

Many dog carriers cause a Dachshund to sit upright, putting stress on their fragile spine or causing then to sit in an abnormal position. 


  • Hardshell base for stability 
  • Ultra-lightweight and breathable
  • One side pocket for treats and valuables
  • Secure mesh zip up top entrance so they can't wiggle around and jump out
  • Doesn’t hurt them while they are being carried
  • Horizontal design doesn’t put stress on their spine